Gary King and ProgressNowNM at DPOC

The Democratic Party of Otero County was pleased to welcome Gubernatorial Democratic Primary candidate Gary King and Pat Davis from Progress Now NM to speak to enthusiastic guests.

In one of his first appearances on the campaign, Gary King spoke to local democrats about his intentions for the  for running in the race, as well as some of his primary goals if elected. King criticized the Martinez administration on handling education in the state, as well as the lack of transparency to public issues.

For more information on Gary King and his campaign, visit his website at

DPOC also welcomed Pat Davis from Progress Now NM, a political activism group based out of Albuquerque. In the past, Progress Now NM has advocated for equal marriage rights, women’s right to choose, and many other important issues that the Democratic Party stands for.

To support Progress Now NM or to get more information, please visit

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