11/5: Howie Morales comes to DPOC meeting.

The next meeting will be held on November 5th at 6 PM at Sunset Run.


Howie Morales is a recently announced gubernatorial candidate in the Democratic primary. With the announcement came a flurry of media attention, with many holding high hopes for the candidate.

Howie Morales is a current New Mexico Senator serving the 28th district, which encompasses Catron, Grant, and Socorro counties. Originally from Silver City, Howie entered the political career in 2005 with a successful race for the Grant County Clerk seat. However, his connections to civic organizations runs deep, having been involved in several local organizations since high school.

Morales’ involvement in the State Senate began in 2008 when he was appointed to a vacant seat by Governor Bill Richardson. Morales was elected to the seat later the same year.

According to NM Telegraph: “He said that in the past week, since it was reported he would enter the race, he has been ‘impressed by the amount of energy that it has created and just the preparation for the official announcement today.'”

Joe Monahan writes that “Dem consultant Alan Packman says his strongest assets are his youth and appeal to the liberal wing of the party.”

For more information, please visit morales4nm.com, and come to the DPOC meeting on November 5th at 6 PM at Sunset Run. 

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