Nadia Sikes — Chair

Automatic State Central Committee Member

Nadia Sikes is now going on her second two-year term as Chair of the Democratic Party of Otero County. In addition to her involvement with DPOC, she also serves as a City Commissioner for District 2 in Alamogordo, New Mexico,  and is involved in numerous community activities. Nadia is the host of AM 1230’s “Community Corner” – an hour-long radio show that highlights happenings around Alamogordo and Otero County.  Nadia’s long-term commitment to the Democratic Party has been invaluable, as she continues to advance the reach of the local party and lead in all directions.

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Tristan Lenzo — Vice Chair

Automatic State Central Committee Member

Tristan Lenzo began volunteering with DPOC as a student at Alamogordo High School during the summer of 2012. His efforts to volunteer on and lead local and federal campaigns efforts in the area were invaluable to the party and to the candidates as he called voters, walked doors, and registered people to vote. Tristan continued to stay involved with the party after the election, nominating to run for Vice Chair, hoping to increase youth involvement and increase DPOC’s online presence.

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Liz Watson — Second Vice Chair, Elected SCC

Liz is a proud Holloman Air Force Base military spouse.  During the 2010 and 2012 elections, she worked with the Democratic Party of New Mexico to coordinate one-on-one voter contact in southern New Mexico.  Liz had the incredible honor of being elected a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina where she represented New Mexico and Otero County.  Currently she works at an Alamogordo law firm as the operational assistant.



100MEDIA36IMAG1906Karen Hutchison — Secretary, Elected SCC

Karen is pleased to have been appointed DPOC Secretary and honored to have been elected to a second term as a State Central Committee member.  The Democratic Party of Otero County continues to invest in things important to the community.  Recently DPOC was one of the sponsors of the annual Take Back the Night event in Alamogordo.  Our vote is important and our voice is important.  We should never hesitate to use them.








Judy Pingel — Treasurer

Judy Pingel has been serving the Democratic Party of Otero County as Treasurer for more than 12 years. Judy is a proud local NEA Representative, and is involved in many other local organizations and campaigns. Judy has filed treasurer reports in a timely manner, and is a vital aspect of DPOC.





Steve Brockett – SCC

Steve Brockett is the owner of a local Waffle & Pancake Shoppe, and is a former Mayor of Alamogordo. Steve has previously served on the State Central Committee for the Democratic Party, and has recently been elected to serve another two-year term. Steve’s involvement with politics runs deep, as he continues to stay involved in and support campaigns at all levels.







Eric Spitty – SCC

“My name is Eric Spitty and I am a member of the Mescalero Apache Tribe in Otero County. I have been a Democrat since I first learned about politics in middle school. It wasn’t until the 2008 election when I started volunteering for the Democratic party. It is my vision to see more Native American communities become more engaged in local, state and federal elections. Through our grassroots efforts we can bring change to our communities, our state and our nation.”

‘Ixéhe (Thank You)